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Frequent Traveler Tips: Travelocity, Orbitz Promo Codes and Visa Agencies

Travelocity And Orbitz Promo Codes Are a Godsend For Frequent Travelers

Traveling all the time?

There are two main tips we want to give you to make your life a whole lot easier: using Orbitz’s coupon codes for car rentals, and how to work with a visa agency for international travel. Click here to view some.

travelocity coupon codesFirstly, Travelocity offers promo codes on sites like Coupon Feed to help you save on weekend and weekday rates. Why are these special? Because Travelocity’s exclusive member pricing offers special perks like not having to wait in line or fill up gas when you return your car. It’s a great program that’s a must-join for frequent travelers.

Benefits of Working with a Visa Agency for International Travel

No one especially enjoys filling out paperwork to get a visa to travel outside the United States. However, it’s necessary before you can enter a country where you don’t hold citizenship. You may even have to take time off work to stand in line at a visa office. When you work with a visa agency, you can avoid a lot of the hassle and leave the tedious details to someone else. It could the ideal solution in these situations:

ï You need to travel outside the United States on short notice

ï You feel confused and overwhelmed by the paperwork required for a visa application

ï You simply don’t have time to gather documentation and complete the required forms to get a visa

Expectations When Working with a Visa Agency

Every country has different requirements for visa applications, which can be difficult to understand and are subject to change. If you decide to work with a visa agency, your travel counselor reviews your visa application to visit a foreign country and completes the paperwork for you. This person also submits the application on your behalf. A visa agency can take your official photograph as well.

Besides convenience, one benefit of hiring a visa agency is that your counselor can complete and submit your paperwork in under 24 hours if you need rush service. You likely would not be able to accomplish this on your own and therefore would not be able to make a last-minute international trip.

How to Find a Visa Agency

Assuming you have internet access, the easiest way to find a visa agency with experience serving your destination country is to search online. As you look at each result, make sure that you understand what you must do to become a client and the fees associated with it. After calling or sending an email to express interest in the visa agency’s services, you should receive a prompt response outlining what the company needs to start on your application.

Tips to Ensure a Smooth Process

It makes your travel counselor’s job easier when you submit requested information on time and write with legible handwriting on any forms he or she needs you to complete. Additionally, don’t conceal the truth on any question or you could lose your visa after receiving it. Answer questions as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays that can result in not having your travel clearance in time for your trip. By following these few simple tips, you can relax while someone else handles the hassle of international travel.

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Can Signing Up to a Trusted Traveler Program Get You Through Airport Security Fast?

So you’ve gotten a great vacation planned out: you booked a trip somewhere majestic and beautiful, mapped out the activities for each day and have a swimsuit for each day by the pool. You even got a great hotel deal thanks to CouponFly or some other travel site (view their homepage). There’s still one big obstacle to your travel, however. One in which you have little to no control over: airport security.

The security routine at airports can be infuriating. Not only do you need to take off your jacket and belt and empty your pockets, you need to choose between a full body scan or a pat-down, and wait in line while your carry-on goes through the x-ray machine ahead of you. Don’t worry, it won’t harm your wireless headphones which are excellent for travel. If you would like to pick up a pair of them, here are some reviews

With more than three-quarters of a billion people passing through US airports each year, the struggle that the understaffed and underfunded TSA has on its hands is only understandable. In response to increasing public pressure to speed up airport security lines, the organization has come up with the Trusted Traveler program.

Ever since 2011, members of the flying public have had the option to opt to pay (some card companies like Amex offer it free of charge) for an FBI examination. You submit to a background check, fingerprinting on all 10 fingers and an in-person interview. When the check completes, you get on the TSA’s list of safe, trustworthy fliers.

When you are a Known Traveler, you get to go through a faster line at the airport, and you don’t need to do things like take off articles of clothing, take a body scan, or send your carry-on through the x-ray machine.

In many ways, the Trusted Traveler program is undeniably a good idea. Before you pay the fee and sign up, however, you need to know what the downside to membership is.

The application process can be tough

While there are no difficult interview questions to answer, there are so many people applying for Trusted Traveler approval, the system has a sizable backlog. People often wait three or four months after they apply, to have their application processed.

If you’re paying the fee, you need to be careful

Pre-Check, the most commonly used Trusted Traveler program, costs $85 for a five-year membership. While some card companies and airlines offer free applications, most people do pay. Before you pay, it’s important to remember that if your application is denied for any reason, you don’t get your money back.

You won’t always find a Trusted Traveler line

Only about 120 airports have Pre-Check lines. Whether you actually find one at the airport you go to, then, is up to luck. Even if the airport you go to has one, it may not have it for every airline or at every terminal. Even you do encounter a Pre-Check line, it may not actually function. When the authorities feel at some point that there aren’t enough Known Travelers showing up to justify a dedicated line, they shut it down until many passengers show up.

Being a Known Traveler may not mean anything

Planned randomization is one of the most confusing parts of the Trusted Traveler system. To thwart potential troublemakers who manage to con their way into the Trusted Traveler system, the TSA’s inspectors will often send Known Travelers to a standard line, and, at times, bump up unvetted passengers to expedited Known Traveler lines.

Many new Known Travelers miss an important detail — unless you submit your Known Traveler ID number to the airline at the time of making your reservation, the logo won’t appear on your boarding pass, and it can be harder to get into a Known Traveler line.

You may find out that you signed up to the wrong program

Pre-Check, which is run by the TSA, isn’t the only trusted traveler program. There are other competing companies. Clear is one of these companies and is far easier to sign up to than Pre-Check.  The company only has lanes at 20 airports around the country, however. One upside is the tie-up that Clear has with Yankee Stadium. If you’re a New York baseball fan, you’ll appreciate the expedited admission that membership allows you.

If you live near the Canadian border (on either side of the border), you have the option to sign up as a Known Traveler through the Nexus program. Those who sign up only to pay $50, and get Pre-Check and Global Entry (for international travelers), all thrown in. The downside is, you can only sign up if you live in a northern border state.

Is the Trusted Traveler program a good idea?

For frequent travelers, signing up does make sense. It’s important to research the options available, however. You wouldn’t want to spend money on the wrong program.

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